ZumZum Bike

Coolest balance bike ever made with natural suspension, next generation design and an adjustable height.

ZumZum is a new kind of balance bike for childern as young as 18 months. It has no pedals and teaches your child to ride a bike! We have designed a new kind of balance bike with natural suspension and non-marking rubber tyres making it perfect for any surface outdoors and, as well as indoors. Consisting only from three parts. It is simple, light and easy to maintain. The bike grows with your child and can be adjusted to the needed size. Combining simplicity with innovation, we have built in NFC passport tag in steering wheel allowing to see the imformation about the owner and warranty on your phone.

With your support we will be able to produce and offer bikes in various colors, with a bag, NFC Passport and mobile biking game.

Watch the video!