The ergonomic Humbleworks standing desk is the perfect compromise for people who want a flexible option to stand or sit at their desks. Standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting, improves posture and lowers the risk of obesity and cancers, but just reducing the amount of time sitting by two hours a day is enough to see significant changes. Solid and high quality 18mm birch plywood, designed in our London studio and crafted in small batches in the UK. Steel suspension cables and pins balance the hourglass form of the stand and contrast beautifully with the organic wood frame.The adjustable riser has a desk to the surface height of 730mm and a base footprint of 470x470mm. The upper platform shelf for a laptop is 400 x 218mm, and the lower platform for your keyboard is 475 x 203mm. The rungs in the upright allow you to adjust the height of your monitor and your keyboard to your exact height. This table top laptop stand converts any desk into a standing desk. It holds laptops with screens up to 15", and a total weight of up to 5kg.This portable desk arrives as a flat pack kit and takes only 30 seconds to assemble!